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De-Icing Salt in Jackson Township, NJ

Jackson Township, NJ is no stranger to inclement winter weather. When the temperatures start to drop, the wind begins to blow and the snow begins to fall, make sure you have everything you need to keep the snow and ice at bay. East Coast Salt is your complete resource for de-icing salt and ice control products. We carry an extensive inventory of de-icing products, in whatever capacity you might need. Whether you’re a homeowner, apartment complex manager or business owner, turn to us for ice melt and ice control products.

Proven De-Icing Products

Depending on your property, you might require different types of de-icing products to keep walkways and other pedestrian areas safe. We carry products for all de-icing applications, including residential, commercial and high-traffic areas, from brands like Peladow and Ice Defense.
  • Transit de-icing (w/ magnesium)
  • Low-temperature de-icing (w/ calcium chloride)
  • Brine mixes (w/ magnesium chloride)
  • General ice melt (sodium chloride)
Our ice-melt products are available in pellet, brine, flake and crystal varieties, to ensure the right solution for keeping your pedestrian areas safe all winter long.

Shovels and Snow Control

In addition to ice melt and de-icing products, we also carry a selection of shovels to ensure our customers have the ability to properly remove slush and snow that might exacerbate icing issues. From metal shovels to ergonomic models, as well as driveway markers and salt spreaders, we have everything you need to safely manage your property during the winter.

Keep Winter Under Control

Winter in Jackson Township, NJ can get dangerous quickly—especially when there’s ice buildups and subzero temperatures. East Coast Salt has you covered all winter long, with de-icing and snow control products designed to keep you and your property safe. Reach us today at 732-833-2973 with any questions you might have about our products or pricing.