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Veteran and Family Owned and Operated Since 1998


For over 22 years, East Coast Salt has been the number one salt resource from Maine to South Carolina to the mid-west and everywhere between. Locally veteran and family owned and operated, we know the value of exceptional customer service and will make sure that every experience you have with us, is a positive one.

Model: transit-mag-50
Highly Effective for treating: Train Platforms, Train Stations, Bus Stations, Parking Garages, Hospitals, Sidewalks, Marine Terminals, Concrete Pads, and high foot-traffic areas/parking.Made with 15% Magnesium PelletsTransit-Mag Melt is tinted green that way you can see how much you’re applying ..
Model: MPIM
Magnesium is environmentally friendly, PET FRIENDLY and is safe to use around plants and humans it’s less corrosive then other salts and is more gentler on the skin. Also is Excellent for DUST CONTROL! Available in 50lb bags..
Attract moisture from its surrounding, speeding up the melting action and the creation of brine. In the first 20 minutes at 20°F, it melts approximately 2x more than rock salt, 3x more than magnesium chloride pellets, 3x more than urea, and 7x more than potassium chloride. Their round shape enables ..
High-powered Calcium Chloride deicing pellets melt snow and ice two to five times faster than rock salt or blended ice melters, requires fewer applications. Odorless and colorless, leaving no powdery residue. Safe on concrete and vegetation when used as directed.Melts Down To -25 Fahrenheit50lb Bag..
Our iron fighting formula contains an FDA-approved, highly effective rust remover which helps to prevent rust stains on laundry and household fixtures. These water softener salt crystals are recommended for use in all water softeners. Made naturally with sun, wind and time Naturally Evaporated E..
Model: SCWS
Made naturally with sun, wind and time. Our Solar Crystals are a 99.6% pure and a natural choice for treating your hard water. Made naturally with sun, wind and time No additives Helps extend the life of appliances and plumbing Helps soaps and detergents clean better Evaporated naturally by t..
Model: RGWSP
ResinGard Water Softener Salt Pellets contain a resin cleaning agent for resin bed water softeners. ResinGard Pellets are designed to remove various raw water contaminants that become entrapped in the softener mineral bed, thereby reducing its softening capacity. They also contain a surface active a..
Model: klife40
Sodium free water softener are 98.9% pure potassium chlorideSoftened water...a better choice for your family.Softened water brings all kinds of welcome benefits to your family’s lifestyle:Reduced soap scum on bathtubs, shower tiles, basins and other household surfacesRicher soap and detergent lather..

About Us

East Coast Salt

East Coast Salt Distribution Inc. was established in 1998 by David MacInnes, and is family owned and operated. East Coast Salt is known for its professional service.

Our mission as a company is to be professional and honest with our customers, whether it's in the office or while delivering. We buy factory direct and pass the savings on to you.

Since 1998, East Coast Salt has been helping people by delivering salt directly to their locations. East Coast Salt is so convenient its just a phone call away.

Let East Coast Salt do the heavy work from our warehouse to your basement. Call today to get a delivery. 800 lbs. minimum order.