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Conditioning Salts

Conditioning Salts in Jackson Township, NJ

If you have a home water softening system, you need conditioning salt to keep it working properly. East Coast Salt provides Jackson Township, NJ homeowners with water softener salt and other types of conditioning salts to ensure their water handling systems can effectively deionize potable water.

Why Use Conditioning Salts?

The main purpose of a water softener is to counteract the negative effects of hard water. To do this, the water softener system uses a process called deionization, which requires the use of salt to balance water hardness. We provide a variety of different water conditioning salts to suit everyone’s needs, giving you access to some of the very best benefits of a water softening system:
  • Your hair and skin will feel cleaner, softer and healthier
  • Your glassware and silverware will look clean and shiny, leaving no water spots
  • Softer water eliminates water deposits, orange rings, water spots and soap scum
  • You’ll spend less time cleaning your kitchen and bathroom

Which Conditioning Salt is Right for You?

Depending on the type of water treatment system you have in your home, one or more different types of conditioning salt might be right for you. We sell several different varieties, from high-concentration potassium chloride to solar salt mixes.
  • Sodium-free salt (potassium chloride)
  • Rust-fighting salt
  • Iron-fighting salt
  • Resin water softener salts
  • Pond salt
Using the right type of salt to balance the hardness and pH of your potable water sources is an important way to ensure longevity from your plumbing and throughout your home—from washing your clothes to doing the dishes.

Get the Right Conditioning Salt

East Coast Salt is ready to provide Jackson Township, NJ homeowner the salt products they need for their home’s water systems. Reach us today at 732-833-2973 for more information about our various conditioning salts and bulk pricing.