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Tank Attack

Tank Attack
Tank Attack

A blend of high potency enzymes that act as a catalytic agent and speed up the fermentation rate when coming in contact with organic waste. The method is natural digestion of their natural food, by living, friendly bacteria. Their food is dead organic waste matter. They recycle wastes back to the simple basic parts of soil, air, and water they were formed from.

Used by the natural laws that govern them, they feed on wastes, digest, liquefy and recycle them back, or actually enrich our environment. They produce NO POISONS or damaging side effects in the process.

  • Septic Tank Cleaner
  • Non-Toxic
  • Insuring free flow to your drainage field
  • Maintains a healthy septic system
  • Easy to use monthly treatments: simply flush down your toilet
  • 3 Powerful enzymes to attack: sludge, paper products, fats & greases

Available in 1 lb bag ( a 2 month supply) or 1 case ( 12 bags; 2 year supply)