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Pro Rust Out

Pro Rust Out
Pro Rust Out

Rust Out chemically removes iron and rust build-up that coats the resin beds and fouls the softener. This iron build-up is not totally removed during normal regeneration of a water softener.

Using Rust Out in a water softener will eliminate rust and foreign matter from the resin bed. Changes rust and iron into a clear solution that easily rinses away, and does not contain harsh or abrasive chemicals that can damage fiberglass, porcelain or acrylic finishes.

Multipurpose cleaner that out-performs the competition when it comes to removing tough rust stains from toilets, sinks, tubs, white clothes, water softeners and exterior surfaces.

Rust Out’s advanced formula contains more than 5 chemicals that are designed to clean and prolong the life of water softeners. General Purpose Cleaning:

  • Dishwashers
  • Dishes
  • Glassware
  • White clothes or fabrics
  • Water softeners