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Mold Armor - Mold Blocker

Mold Armor - Mold Blocker
Mold Armor - Mold Blocker

When you clean mold and mildew you can make the clean last longer with Mold Armor Mold Blocker. Mold Blocker creates an invisible barrier to the growth of mold to keep indoors and outdoor surfaces mold free for up to 3 months. And, it’s guaranteed effective!

Can be used on almost anywhere you find Mold!

Can be used in bathrooms, on linens, Apparel, Fabrics, Carpets, Bedding and Furniture and also on many other things you can find in your household such as Tiles, Tubs, Shower curtains, Shower stalls, Sinks, Window sills, Cabinets, Garbage cans, Appliances and Vanity tops

  • Antimicrobial
  • Prevents mold growth
  • Water-based and odor free
  • Waterproof

Available in 32fl. oz. bottles