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Highly Effective for treating: Train Platforms, Train Stations, Bus Stations, Parking Garages, Hospitals, Sidewalks, Marine Terminals, Concrete Pads, and high foot-traffic areas/parking.Made with 15% Magnesium PelletsTransit-Mag Melt is tinted green that way you can see how much you’re applying ..
Brand: Mag Pellets
Magnesium is environmentally friendly, PET FRIENDLY and is safe to use around plants and humans it’s less corrosive then other salts and is more gentler on the skin. Also is Excellent for DUST CONTROL! Available in 50lb bags..
Brand: Peladow
Attract moisture from its surrounding, speeding up the melting action and the creation of brine. In the first 20 minutes at 20°F, it melts approximately 2x more than rock salt, 3x more than magnesium chloride pellets, 3x more than urea, and 7x more than potassium chloride. Their round shape enables ..
High-powered Calcium Chloride deicing pellets melt snow and ice two to five times faster than rock salt or blended ice melters, requires fewer applications. Odorless and colorless, leaving no powdery residue. Safe on concrete and vegetation when used as directed.Melts Down To -25 Fahrenheit50lb Bag..
Calcium Chloride Flakes are the premier snow and ice melter.  Ideal for clearing sidewalks, driveways and parking lots. It melts ice up to 3 times faster than competing materials, and outperforms other products across a wide range of temperatures, when used as directed.Melts Down to -25 Fahrenh..
Dyed blue, an advance ice melt formula enhanced with corrosion inhibitors. The salt is sprayed with liquid magnesium chloride and calcium chloride for fast acting, environmentally friendly ice control.  Melts Down To -20 Fahrenheit50lb Bags – 49 Bags Per Pallet..
Specifically sized and screened to enhance traction. It keeps walkways and driveways ice-free well below freezing. Safe for concrete and vegetation when used as recommended. Melts down to -5F Available in 50lb bags..
Color coated purple for visual Coverage. Specially formulated with Beet Extract Solution. Preforms at lower temperatures. Provides instant traction.  Melts Down To -20 Fahrenheit50lb Bags – 49 Bags Per Pallet..
Color coated blue for visual coverage. Target ice and eliminate snow.  Enhanced with CMA and Calcium Chloride. Exceptional fast acting formula.  Super effective at lower temperatures.Melts Down To -30 Fahrenheit50lb Bags – 49 Bags Per Pallet..
CALCIUM CHLORIDE PELLETS Calcium Chloride Pellets work incredibly fast at melting ice and snow by generating heat through an exothermic reaction. Calcium Chloride is effective even when the temperature reaches -25ºF. Early application of Calcium Chloride during a storm may minimize snow maintenanc..
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If you live in an area with a cold and icy winter, you have probably experienced salt on sidewalks and roads, used to melt the ice and snow and keep it from refreezing.

Some winters can be really brutal and because weather doesn’t wait, you can rely on a dependable salt supplier, East Coast Salt provides a variety of different Deicing salts!