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Conditioning Salts

Our iron fighting formula contains an FDA-approved, highly effective rust remover which helps to prevent rust stains on laundry and household fixtures. These water softener salt crystals are recommended for use in all water softeners. Made naturally with sun, wind and time Naturally Evaporated E..
Made naturally with sun, wind and time. Our Solar Crystals are a 99.6% pure and a natural choice for treating your hard water. Made naturally with sun, wind and time No additives Helps extend the life of appliances and plumbing Helps soaps and detergents clean better Evaporated naturally by t..
ResinGard Water Softener Salt Pellets contain a resin cleaning agent for resin bed water softeners. ResinGard Pellets are designed to remove various raw water contaminants that become entrapped in the softener mineral bed, thereby reducing its softening capacity. They also contain a surface active a..
Sodium free water softener are 98.9% pure potassium chlorideSoftened water...a better choice for your family.Softened water brings all kinds of welcome benefits to your family’s lifestyle:Reduced soap scum on bathtubs, shower tiles, basins and other household surfacesRicher soap and detergent lather..
US Rust Free Salt Pellets can successfully reduce rust build-up in your softener when noticeable amounts of iron are present in your water. Look for it in our new, redesigned bag. Helps improve the taste of water Helps prevent rust stains on bathroom fixtures and tile Helps keep laundry and applian..
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The main purposes of water softeners are to counter act the negative effects of hard water. East Coast Salt provides a variety of different water conditioning salts to suit everyone’s needs. The benefits you’ll receive from a good water softener are unbelievable.

  • Your hair and skin will feel cleaner, softer and become healthier
  • Your glassware and silverware will look clean and shiny, leaving no water spots
  • Will eliminate water deposits, orange rings, water spots or soap scum on toilets, sinks, bathtubs and showers
  • It will save you time and money on trying to remove all the hard water deposits