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About Us

About East Coast Salt

East Coast Salt Distribution Inc. was established in 1998 by David MacInnes, and is family owned and operated. East Coast Salt is known for its professional service. Our mission as a company is to be professional and honest with our customers, whether it's in the office or while delivering. We buy factory direct and pass the savings on to you. Since 1998, East Coast Salt has been helping people by delivering salt directly to their locations. East Coast Salt is so convenient its just a phone call away. Let East Coast Salt do the heavy work from our warehouse to your basement. Call today to get a delivery. 800 lbs. minimum order.

The Importance of Salt

Today, our systems don't receive an adequate bacteria supply from natural sources. use of acids, caustics, detergents (and modern bacteriostats and disinfectants to kill germs), also kill the friendly bacteria our system must have to operate trouble-free, healthfully, and without great maintenance costs.


  • David MacInnes: President and Owner of East Coast Salt
  • Michelle MacInnes: Vice President and Owner of East Coast Salt
  • Mike MacInnes: Vice President
  • Debbie MacInnes: Customer Service
  • Cristin MacInnes: Accounting
  • Carolyn Mulrain: Bulk Department