Pool Salt

Pool Salt

Producing high quality pool water with reduced maintenance. gentler on skin, hair, and eyes. Pick up special for $6.25 a bag. Delivery specials - call for pricing (732) 833-2973

 Solar Crystals with Rust Away

Solar Crystals with Rust Away

Pick up special 9.50 per bag

  • Naturally Evaporated Extra Coarse Salt Crystals
  • Dissolves Evenly to Ensure Complete Regeneration
  • No Mushing or Caking
  • Maximum Percolation
  • Minimizes Rust in Tubs, Toilets, Sinks, etc
  • Improves Taste

Tank Attack

Tank Attack

A Natural Solution

A blend of high potency enzymes that act as a catalytic agent and speed up the fermentation rate when coming in contact with organic waste. The method is natural digestion of their natural food, by living, friendly bacteria. Their food is dead organic waste matter. They recycle wastes back to the simple basic parts of soil, air, and water they were formed from.

Used by the natural laws that govern them, they feed on wastes, digest, liquefy and recycle them back, or actually enrich our environment. They produce NO POISONS or damaging side effects in the process. Their action is complete.


The Importance of Salt

Today, our systems don’t receive an adequate bacteria supply from natural sources. Use of acids, caustics, detergents (and modern bacteriostats and disinfectants to kill germs), also kill the friendly bacteria our system must have to operate trouble-free, healthfully, and without great maintenance costs.

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